It is really ideal for walking, hiking and trail running territory with wonderful meanders along river paths that are kept well maintained at all times. It is easy walking at its best with the gurgle of water at your side whilst you enjoy spotting birds and game, like Duiker, Bushbuck and Warthog and of course, Trout. Please be aware that the riverside is the anglers’ domain and follow fishing etiquette when in view of an angler. Run for as far as the eye can see and as far as your heart desires. Apart from the rivers, there are many great rambles along the hillsides and valleys ranging from easy to difficult and covering different points of interest for the explorer. There are two main waterfall hikes, one quite strenuous to the top of the Majubane River and the other easier – to the top of the Steenkamps River. There’s also a hike to the Miner’s Cottage where you can camp for the night – enjoying the spectacular night sky and waking to incredible sunrises. It’s a place where nature comes alive and offers something for all to enjoy. As the hills echoed many years ago with the sounds of the gold miners panning the mountainsides for gold, one is able to explore the diggings and outbuildings bearing witness to the gold rush that gripped the area in days gone by. The Spioenkop walk above the hatchery is one such walk where you are able to view the mining sites of old. See the map attached in our Maps section.