The fly fishing at Finsbury Estate is exceptional and offers an opportunity for all – from the novice enthusiast to the highly skilled. All members of the family are welcome to share in the angling adventures. Wander the walkways and streams as you sight fish the rainbow and brown trout – the opportunities are many and varied. Finsbury Estate is located on the Majubane, Steenkamps, Whisky, Kliprots and Spekboom rivers and as these are headwaters, the streams are unpolluted and clear – excellent for fly fishing. From misty morning fishing adventures to spectacular sunset fishing sessions – this is Premier Fly Fishing and is as good as it gets. The trout breed naturally in the rivers and are supplemented from time to time from our very own hatchery which also supplies extra fish to neighbouring establishments in the area. Explore the well-maintained river paths and bridges and pick your spot for a fishing experience that is sublime. As an owner or member, all of this is within easy access from your doorstep. As there is only an allocation of a total of 24 houses on this 3100-hectare Estate (with 22 houses currently built), your fishing access and privacy is unparalleled. Each house has a limited number of guests and with only four rods per house, you are unlikely to share a spot – unless you wish to! View our visuals on our Gallery page to understand the spectacular beauty of this piece of paradise.

During a recent visit to the Estate the Editor of The Complete Fly Fisherman, PJ Jacobs, enjoyed a very successful fishing weekend spent wandering up and down the rivers. In his article (see the full account on the News page on this website), he wrote about his joy at catching “more trout than is considered decent. The fact that each and every fish was sight-fished made it even more special, and all bar one were taken off the top. The browns were particularly beautiful and, as expected, just a tad more difficult than the rainbows, exactly as it should be.” (The Complete Fly Fisherman – July edition 2017)

Photograph courtesy The Complete Fly Fisherman