Not only does Finsbury estate offer a Premier Fly Fishing experience, it also offers an opportunity for everyone in the family to have other adventures of their own. From solitary wanders across the valleys and rivers to technical cycling adventures along the hillsides for the cycling enthusiasts. From exciting expeditions to explore the mining sites dotted along the hills, to spectacular stargazing adventures on nights when the Milky Way lights up the night sky and the moon shadows are a sight to behold, there is something magical for all. Birders and arborists will enjoy the rich diversity of sought after and unusual fauna and flora – with many species still to be discovered. The Estate is home to a number of wild animals that roam free across the hills. From leopard and smaller members of the cat family to many species of buck, zebra, warthogs and a range of other animals large and small. Our camera traps discreetly situated across the hills have captured many elusive characters.

The community of owners, their visitors and the staff of Finsbury have built up a strong bond over the years. All share a love of Finsbury, nature and what it has to offer. In many instances ownership has been handed down through generations in the family. Whilst privacy is respected, there is always an opportunity for a social sundowner in the Southern Valley or a hike to the neighbouring Brewery. This is a mature development with a solid management team and there are only twenty four share blocks on this three thousand hectare estate. To date twenty two houses have been constructed on Finsbury so you can choose to be as secluded as your heart desires. The great outdoors is right there on your doorstep. As it is located at the end of a twenty km road – security is assured and the sense of freedom in nature is guaranteed. It is truly an opportunity for an adventure for enthusiasts of all ages and interests.

The Estate falls within the Mount Anderson Catchment Reserve and is a nature conservation area. The environment is enhanced through a planned and systematic programme to remove exotic plants and allow unhindered movement of all the wildlife in the area.