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Not only is this Premier Fly Fishing at its best, but birders and arborists can delight in the rich diversity of sought after and unusual fauna and flora. Finsbury is a proud custodian of a pristine natural environment enhanced by an enthusiastic conservation programme. This piece of Mpumalanga paradise is home to the elusive Finfoot, the unique Ground Woodpecker, the majestic Jackal Buzzard and Fish Eagle amongst many other bird species. The range of flora is astounding (including rare Orchids and Clivias) and of the more than 500 species of plants identified so far, there are 11 species that are endemic to the area. To date 46 species of mammal, 174 species of bird and 19 species of reptile have been identified and this wildlife is free to move across Finsbury’s hills and valleys into the neighbouring properties that, together, make up the Mount Anderson Catchment Reserve. Wildlife can be glimpsed from your very own patio or on the many hikes, gorge walks or flower and tree walks available. Finsbury is proud to host to amongst others: Mountain Bush Buck, Eland, Kudu, Zebra, Bush Pig, Warthog, Jackal and several members of the cat family including Leopard. View the visuals from our cameras strategically placed to see the variety of game that passes through.

The Estate falls within the Mount Anderson Catchment Reserve and is a nature conservation area. The environment is enhanced through a planned and systematic programme to remove exotic plants and allow unhindered movement of all the wildlife in the area.